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Ahhh, the old Imperial Trip! Today’s theme @ Playlookit! is: Trip.

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Pain you say? Pain was yesterdays theme at LookIT! and this was my entry. This poor dude has been this way for a few years, I don’t even remember how or why it happened. We (and when I say we I really mean I) have some interesting things laying around the office at times!

iPhone: 4
Apps: Photo fx and Any Mark
Ran Auto levels and added the vignette in Photo fx and of course, the © in Any Mark.

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Today’s subject at LookIT! is Down. I figured there will be a fair amount of stairwells involved so decided to add a little something different to my shot. Hope you like it, now go vote for me already! muahahahaa…enjoy!


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iPhone: 4
Apps: Iris Photo Suite and Any Mark
Used the Color Sense function in Iris Photo Suite to keep the blue in the image and added the © in Any Mark.

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